Skill Hands Portal

A platform where employers/citizens can avail the services of skilled work force

Government of Meghalaya

Terms & Conditions

For Citizens/Users

  • Citizens are requested to avail the services after careful examination and agreement with the skilled hand personnel.
  • Citizens should ensure that the person attending to the contract is actually the same registered skilled hand by checking the ID proof like EPIC/Driving License/PAN Card/etc.
  • Citizens should exercise due caution while availing the services. The department will not be responsible for any loss incurred by the citizen(s).
  • Fake and crank callers/users misusing the site can be traced and may attract severe action as per law.
  • Citizens are advised to keep their username and password confidential and not to disclose it to anyone as it could be misused for mischief by others. The onus of any misuse of the ID lies with the concerned citizen.
  • Any fraudulent or dishonest use of the service will attract punishment under relevant section of the Information Technology Act 2008.


For Skilled Hands
  • All information provided by the applicant during registration is deemed to be true and correct. The candidate is solely responsible for all information or entry done and he/she should satisfy himself/herself regarding the correctness of the data. Any false or wrong information given may attract action as per law.
  • Any denial of service to the citizen without valid reasons by the registered applicant will be treated as a breach of contract and his/her registration is liable to be cancelled.
  • The registered applicant will not send any other person(s) in his/her behalf to attend to a service agreed upon with the citizen. Any such violation will be treated as impersonation and breach of contract and is likely to attract punishment as per law.
  • Any adverse feedback from the citizen on the services availed from a particular skilled hand will be taken seriously by the department and if the remarks are found to be true, the registration of such candidate will be cancelled without notice.
  • The information should be updated by the applicant from time to time especially with regard to any change in address, telephone/mobile number and any addition/upgrade of his/her skill(s).
  • Any fraudulent or dishonest use of the service will attract punishment under relevant section of the Information Technology Act 2008.


Directorate of Employment & Craftsmen Training, Meghalaya

About Skilled Hands Portal

"This website is specially developed to take care of the linkage between specialized skilled individuals and citizens. It is a small effort on the part of the Directorate of Employment & Craftsmen Training to provide a common platform to connect a skilled individual with potential employers in a simple but more effective manner."